BEAUTY BAR 24K Golden Pulse+gold face mask(7pcs) 24K提拉紧致按摩黄金棒+搭配面膜组合(7片)

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  • How to use:
  1. After cleansing, take a piece and apply it on your face. If you need to apply eye, please close your eye mask.
  2. During 10-15 minutes, massage with the beauty bar golden pulse, massage directly on the mask, it will more effectively promote the skin's absorption of gold ingredients and collagen beauty liquid ingredients.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove the normal skin care procedure, and you will see the skin tightening and tightening.
  • 使用方法:
  1. 洁面后, 取出一张敷于脸上, 如果需要敷眼部, 请一定闭眼敷面膜
  2. 10-15分钟期间, 配合黄金棒一起按摩, 直接在面膜上面按摩、会更有效促进皮肤对黄金成分和胶原蛋白美容液成分的吸收
  3. 15分钟后揭下, 再做正常的护肤程序, 即时会看到皮肤在提亮弹润的同时, 更加紧致
BEAUTY BAR 24K Golden Pulse 24K提拉紧致按摩黄金棒BEAUTY BAR gold face mask sheet 日本 24K黄金棒搭配面膜 7片*30ml

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